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Virtual Business Assistent

4 in 1 Time, money, information and analysis – four components of your success in a business.

  • Plan your time
  • Do your financial accounting 
  • Assess your effectiveness
  • Have some useful information handy

What is «Virtual Business Assistant»

Planner Business course My Finance Effectivity

 The Three Main Rules for Time Management

  1. Write down your tasks
  2. Delegate them to others 
  3. Delegate what’s left

 © The Mafia Manager

 Business course. Short. Clear. Helpful
 Information other than written is not information.
 © R. Frank Pucelik

They did things very simply in those days: if you had a lot of money, you just dug a hole under the hedge, and popped it in: then you said you had “put it in the bank,” and you felt quite comfortable about it.
Lewis Caroll

 Effective time planning is one of the most important criteria for defining the effectiveness of a manager


What is «Virtual Business Assistant»

Virtual Business Assistant is a program for any user. It will help individual entrepreneurs as well as experienced businessmen, business owners and employees. It will also be useful for students and freelancers.

Its functions are simple and clear.

  1. Business Crib is about how to do a business. It was developed by leading experts in consulting. You will find a lot of specific and helpful information on how to start your own business. Here are five components to a success in managing a business. Also you will find some tools and recommendation on how to develop a leader or a business owner in the following areas: management skills, leadership, business procedures and business processes, motivation of employees, professional communication.
  2. Scheduler will help you schedule your time, both private and professional one, and it will mark the amount of time left before you need to finish a task with a color you select.
  3. My Financials section will help you managing your costs in a simple and reliable manner. You will also be able to see your bottom line for a specific period of time.
  4. Organizational Effectiveness section will help you calculate the effectiveness for you scheduling your working time. It will allow you to see how much time you can free for your other tasks.
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Application is available for free download from AppStore and GooglePlay.
Functions and copyrighted materials are available for a subscription fee.
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